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Assistive Technology and Telecare

Assistive technology refers to any gadget that is used to increase, maintain or improve a person's independence or reduce the risk to their wellbeing.

Used effectively, assistive technology can:

  1. Promote independence;
  2. Improve confidence;
  3. Help manage risks around the home and in the community;
  4. Support a person to remain living at home;
  5. Help with memory and recall;
  6. Support a person to carry out key tasks, such as reminding to take medication; and
  7. Provide reassurance to carers and family members.

Telecare is the term used to describe the range of equipment that can alert a call centre when, for example:

  1. A person falls; or
  2. A person leaves their home unexpectedly; or
  3. A person needs assistance.

Examples of Telecare equipment include:

  1. A personal alarm (pendant alarm);
  2. A falls alarm;
  3. A door sensor.

Information and advice about ALL types of Assistive Technology and Telecare for adults can be obtained directly from the Alarm Service:


Tel: 01908 222616

Information can also be found in the Adult Service section of the Council Website.

See: Care and Response Community Alarm Service

Assistive technology and Telecare can be provided:

  1. As part of a Reablement service; or
  2. To support hospital discharges; or
  3. Alongside services to meet on ongoing care and support needs; or
  4. Independent from all of the above.

It is available to people who live in:

  1. Their own home;
  2. Rented accommodation (including Local Authority accommodation);
  3. Supported living;
  4. Extra Care;
  5. Shared lives placements.

If a person lives in residential or nursing care assistive technology and Telecare is normally the responsibility of the provider to assess and arrange.

Referrals for ALL types of Assistive Technology and Telecare for Adults should be made directly to the Alarm Service:


Tel: 01908 222616

Online: Community alarm application-MyCouncil (

The Alarm Service is responsible for carrying out a specialist assessment, gaining appropriate budget approval and installation.

The Alarm Service can advise (new and existing) users and colleagues regarding the current rates.

The Council charges for Community Alarm services on a flat rate basis IN ADDITION TO any assessed contribution as follows: 

  1. One off installation charge;
  2. Ongoing charges for the rental of the equipment, 24-hour monitoring and response.

This charging system is set out in the Adult Service Charging and Financial Assessment Policy which can be found in the Local Resources.

The Alarm Service will:

  1. Monitor the system and respond when an alarm is activated;
  2. Maintain appropriate records;
  3. Monitor use and ongoing need of items.

The Alarm Service will maintain and repair equipment.

Information about maintenance will be provided to users at the point of installation.

Anyone can return unwanted equipment to the Alarm Service or contact the service to arrange collection.


Tel: 01908 222616

Note: If assistive technology or Telecare equipment is being provided as part of a care and Support Plan these arrangements should only be made when any alternative provision to meet needs is in place.

If the person has an existing (or developing) Care and Support Plan any assistive technology or Telecare that is provided to meet on-going needs must be recorded in the plan.

Any assistive technology or Telecare that is part of a person's Care and Support Plan should always be reviewed as part of the statutory review of that plan.

Please refer to the Local Resources section for further information about Assistive Technology and Telecare processes.

Last Updated: June 10, 2022