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Commissioning and Brokerage Procedures

Commissioning and Brokerage Procedures

This procedure should be used:

  1. By frontline practitioners working in social work teams and the Reablement service;
  2. When any Care and Support Plan/Support Plan/Reablement Plan/Urgent support has been signed off;
  3. To understand and use the range of local processes for arranging the required services and support;
  4. And work effectively alongside the Community Resource Team.

Although this procedure may be helpful to those people with responsibility for commissioning or brokering services, it does not provide specific guidance about arranging, monitoring or reviewing contracts, or any other associated actions that may be required. Anyone carrying out such actions should refer to the Local Resources section.

Please refer to the Local Resources section for information about arranging support via the Community Resources Team. This includes the referral and allocation processes for:

  1. Homecare (Domiciliary Care);
  2. Care Homes;
  3. Supported Living;
  4. Emergency same/next day placement or any package required after 16:00.

Last Updated: April 6, 2022