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Safeguarding Adults

Use the links below to access sections of the Care Act 2014 resource for information about the legal requirements of all safeguarding under the Act.

  1. Aims and Principles of all Adult Safeguarding;
  2. When Safeguarding Duties Apply;
  3. Identifying and Reporting Abuse and Neglect;
  4. The Response to a Concern about Abuse and Neglect.

See: Identifying and Reporting Abuse and Neglect, which is part of the larger Care Act 2014 resource.

Adults-members of the public

Safeguarding Consultation Line Tel: 01908 252835 (Mon-Fri 8.30-5.15pm)

Adult Social Care Out of Hours Tel: 01908 725005 (evenings, weekends and bank holidays)


Online: Worried about an Adult?

Adults-professionals and agencies 

Professionals and agencies MUST use the online form AND follow the guidance in the Decision Making Tool:

Online: Worried about an Adult? 

See: Adult Safeguarding-the Decision Making Tool

If you are concerned that an adult is in imminent danger from abuse or neglect, or that a criminal act has taken place you should contact the police by dialing 999.

Children-members of the public

MASH Tel: 01908 253 169/70 (Mon-Thurs 9-5pm and Fri 9-4.30pm)

Emergency Social Work Team Tel: 01908 265545 (evenings, weekends and bank holidays)



Professionals MUST raise a concern to the MASH online.

See: Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF) 

If you are concerned that a child is in imminent danger from abuse or neglect, or that a criminal act has taken place you should contact the police by dialing 999.

See: Adult Safeguarding and Adults at Risk-Policies and Guidance (MK Together)

They set out specifically how the Local Authority works with other organisations in the area, such as the police and the ICB to fulfil the requirements of the Care Act, including how they:

  1. Prevent and protect adults at risk from abuse;
  2. Empower and support adults to make their own choices;
  3. Investigate actual (or suspected) abuse or neglect; and
  4. Support adults who are at risk of, or experiencing abuse or neglect.

All safeguarding processes, forms and guidance can be found in the Safeguarding Adults section of the Local Resources area.

In line with the Care Act 2014, Milton Keynes has a Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB).

See the Safeguarding Adults Board section of The Care Act 2014 and find out more about:

  1. The aim of Safeguarding Adults Boards;
  2. Their role and statutory duties;
  3. When boards must carry out a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR).

For further information about our Safeguarding Adults Board, see MK Together Safeguarding Partnership

Last Updated: September 22, 2022